Our wine is derived from the noble Gamay variety, selected and hand picked when ripe on the Domain, which is situated between Geneva and Lyons, a region rich in microclimates. Our “secret” vineyard faces south west, the soil is dolomitic calcareous clay. The climate is continental.

Its natural vinification, the result of an ancestral method, consists in a pellicular maceration and pressing, then in a fermentation of the juice at a low temperature in a vat, so producing a natural, light wine, with a low alcohol content (8% approx).

This clear wine retains its natural yeasts and continues to ferment after being bottled. There is no sugar added (chaptalisation), cold stabilisation avoids adding exterior substances.
sugar added (chaptalisation), cold stabilisation avoids adding exterior substances.

This natural alcoholic fermentation of the must comes about here without the addition of liqueur (special yeast or sweetened reserve wine), only after a strictly controlled limited time of exhaustion of the yeast at room temperature will the our Cerdon effervesce naturally

This natural transformation will produce a sediment which will not be eliminated by ridding or disgorging, but by a sterile filtering process in a retort entailing a transfer into other bottles.
All our bottles are new, ensuring a neutral pH, the hygienic guarantee of our Cerdon.

The control and follow up guarantee that our wine has a low percentage in alcohol, has fine brilliancy, is fruity to the nose and with an aroma of fresh red fruits (redcurrants, strawberries) derived from the very strong aromatic influence of the Gamay variety.
The flavour lingers on the palate, the light bubbles tingle under the tongue…..with elegance!

We recommend our wine, which is particularly effective against stress and thirst-quenching, as a drink before your meal, at any time of year, or during the afternoon, or to accompany fruit based desserts, chocolate, ice creams or sorbets, and chefs’ specialities (see hereunder our recipes).
You will discover the pleasure of sharing our wine with your friends!
 Although the alcohol content is low, drinking moderately must be encouraged.

It is not easy to find the « secret vineyard » of the Clos de la Bierle, nestling in the valley of Leymiat, a hamlet in the township of Poncin.
Thanks to our experience and continuous work respecting life in the soil, its natural needs and the work of its fauna, our method, which we call “ancestral”, is an end product which has been controlled and supervised at every stage of its gradual evolution in our cellars. Its tangy yet naturally sweet red fruit flavour, specific peony colour and natural sparkle make it a “feminine” wine unlike any other, a little magical.

Our work has been acknowledged since 1999 by important guidebooks and earned us numerous gold and silver medals.
Particularly appreciated by the members of the Paul Bocuse Academy, our wine is naturally one of the evident choices to accompany prestigious receptions, such as the gala organised in 2014 to welcome the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, and his wife, Peng Liyuan, for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China, when Chef Philippe Bernachon created a dessert composed of a brioche caramélisée with seasonal red fruits, his vervain ice cream, served with a Cerdon ancestral vintage wine, a Clos de la Bierle 2012.

Throughout the world, many chefs appreciate our vintages but it is above all an honour for us to be invited to your tables, you who delight in exceptional quality, authenticity and unique flavour. Our up-market wine is a treat to be deserved. It is comparable to other prestigious culinary creations, its uniqueness is to be shared among friends when you concoct a prestigious meal or simply when you feel like indulging yourself.