Recommended retail price : from 91 to 110 €ttc / bottle

This year, 2016, as a tribute to those famous doctors who did their utmost to produce the purest, the most hygienic drink, a goal which the great scientist Louis Pasteur strove to reach at the same epoch, the “cuvee” is called CUVEE DES ELITES
Each of the 26890 bottles, a limited quantity, has its own number.

Praised by Great Chefs and as the saying goes; the best places from France and Navarre”, we also offer The Cerdon du Bugey Classique in a refined version in our winery.

The designer Charles Dedrenghien appealed to the historical cores of the Clos de la Bierle to illustrate our Cuvée des Elites Cerdon du Bugey.

It represents the bridge between the spirit of the ancestors and the modernity expressed by this label with international codes.
Frizant de Cerdon is the property of Clos de la Bierle registered with INPI.